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It happened during that stroll through the pet store, that visit to the shelter, or that browse through a rescue’s web page. You came in contact with an irresistible furry face pleading to make your home theirs. From that moment of first contact you’ve called them one of the family. But now things have changed. A debilitating disease, an uncontrollable pain or just father time has stripped your beloved companion of a good quality of life.  It is time to say goodbye. Since 1989 DR 4 PETS house call veterinary service has helped pets through those final moments. 

Why choose in-home pet euthanasia? There is no place like home. Your pet will experience a dignified and peaceful transition without ever having to leave its favorite resting place. If your pet is nearing the end and you want to prepare for that day, or if the time is now; let DR 4 PETS be of assistance.

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Lorraine Watson DVM

Meet The Doctor

  • Dr.
    Lorraine Watson
    Owner of DR 4 PETS

    Dr. Watson has been servicing the cherished pets of Conejo Valley and vicinity since 1982. Originally from New York City, she was awarded her Bachelor’s Degree from Barnard College, Columbia University in 1977. While at Barnard she received a summer grant to study the wildlife in Tsavo National Park, Kenya. She traveled to Africa and studied the elephant population of the game reserve. It was this life changing experience that solidified her commitment to become a veterinarian. After graduating college, she attend veterinary school. She trained in veterinary medicine and surgery at Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, and graduated in 1981.

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • ""My husband and I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Lorraine Watson for helping our little cat "Angel" pass peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge. Her gentle demeanor, empathy and compassion was very much appreciated at this heartbreaking time. Thanks to Dr. Watson;
    Angel passed with the same dignity that we would want for any member of our family.""
    Dani and Sidney Niekerk
  • ""Max gave us nearly 16 1/2 years of love until his last day, following us from room to room. The last year was especially meaningful due to the care provided by Dr. Watson, who managed his arthritis pain for optimal quality of life. In-home care was such a blessing and allowed Max to receive care without causing him distress. Of course, it provided us people with much comfort as well. We miss him very much! ""
    Robin Stuchinsky
  • ""Dr. Watson is such a blessing! She helped me with my fur baby from the time I got him till he passed on. She is so caring and professional. I am so grateful for her service!""
    Sunde T/San Fernando, CA.
  • ""Dr. Watson is wonderful. She is very compassionate and the pets appreciate that. Love that she can come to your home, where the pet feels the most comfortable. Thanks Dr. Watson.""
    Veronica J.
  • ""I’ve known Dr. Lorraine Watson for more than 30 years. She is compassionate and caring, the best veterinarian I’ve known. Her business is now in-home euthanasia. Unfortunately I had to use her service recently. Our experience could not have been better. She came to our home and helped our big boy graduate to the next level. We love Dr. Watson. I highly recommend her.""
    Betsy B. / Camarillo, CA
  • ""We are so grateful to Dr. Watson. Our girl Katy unexpectedly became very ill on a weekend and Dr. Watson came to help us say goodbye. She was kind and caring and allowed us to have our time together till the very end. I have used another Dr. for this service once before but Dr. Watson was the best. Being in the home is so very important to a pet-it alleviates extra stress on your loved one😿.""
    Robin Flowers and Lynn Crowell
  • ""Dr. Watson came the same day we called to help us put our sweet boy, Sweeney, to rest. She was kind, professional and respected our wishes on how we wanted to let Sweeney stay in his own bed while the process of putting him to sleep took place. She allowed men to cuddle and talk to Sweeney and cry unabashedly through the whole process. I am grateful to her for her being here.""
    Leslie Mattesich
  • ""Gentle, sweet Dr. Watson. What a true blessing to have our "kids" pass without fear at home. You have made a huge difference in their lives and ours. Thank you forever!!!""
    Charis and Rob
  • ""Having my Simon put to rest at home was the best thing I could have done for the both of us. It was peaceful and calm. Thank you Dr. Watson.""
    Laurie Holeman
  • ""Thank you Dr. Watson for making Freddies final moments pain free and with dignity. It was greatly appreciated. I hope anyone who has to part with a loved pet has a similar experience.""
    Patrick and Bonita Hart
  • ""Thank you Dr Watson for helping to make Benny comfortable in his passing. You were kind and compassionate and that's so important. Bless you.""
    Margaret Corridori
  • ""Thank you Dr. Watson for your kindness and gentleness when assisting us with Barcley's end of life moment. This was the first time we had in home care with this, and we are glad we did. It was stress free for Barcley, and much more meaningful for us. It allowed us to be with him in his home environment, and we were free to grieve in private. Thank you!""
    Cindy Pelter
  • ""Dr. Watson helped my son and I say good-bye to our beloved dog Bijou just yesterday. Her calm presence put us, and Bijou, at ease. Being able to be with her in our home for her last moments was so comforting. The paw print Dr. Watson did for us will be cherished.""
    Jakob Shavinski
  • ""Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beloved family dog who has been our constant friend for 13 years. We called Dr.Watson, a referral from our veterinarian, to come to our home so we could spare Duke any trauma from spending his last moments afraid at the vets office. Duke drifted off to sleep in his favorite place at home while we stroked his head. Dr. Watson is professional and yet so loving and compassionate. Thank you Dr. Watson for coming to our home and providing such a peaceful goodbye for us and for Duke. I wouldn’t do it any other way.""
    Rhonda Bierschenk
  • ""Dr. Watson was very caring in helping us say good bye to our Ginger. Having everything done at our home was the best thing to do for her. Thank you Dr. Watson!""
    Mark Lara
  • ""In Lee Lee's final hour an angel knew how to escort her into Heaven with dignity and love. Dr. Watson was there within an hour and she allowed us to cuddle, talk and assure Lee Lee that she was safe with her loving family. Thank you, Dr. Watson, for your compassionate help in our time of need.""
    Mike and Marie Furney and Family
  • ""We were so happy to give our 13 year old german shepard 'Coal' a peaceful transition at home! This would not have happened without the love, care and graceful attention Dr. Watson provided. She guided us lovingly thru the process, careful to the needs of Coal as well as our own emotions, explaining matters all along the way.""
    Jeanne Urquiza
  • ""When our 12 year old rottweiler took an extreme turn in health we felt helpless. We called Dr. Watson and she was able to get to our home within 3 hours. The time, compassion, understanding, she offered was incredible. Her calm caring demeanor was so important to our kids. Several years ago, we had to put down our German Shepard at the vet's office. It was excruciating. Having Dr. Watson come to our home, allow Buster to peacefully drift off to sleep, was the best possible solution to a terrible situation. We highly recommend Dr. Watson. She is a true professional.""
    Kim and Frank Spaeth, Thousand Oaks
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