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Pet Euthanasia FAQ

Pet Euthanasia is a serious consideration. And if your pet is going to be euthanatized, it’s often best to do so in the comfort of home. Fortunately, a mobile veterinarian Read More

How to Help a Blind Pet

As pets age, their vision can start to be affected. Pet blindness can be a result of old age or certain health conditions. If your pet suffers from blindness, we Read More

Pet Loss of Another Kind

Losing a pet from age, disease, or even sudden injury is a painful experience, but losing a pet from theft is more than painful. There is uncertainty about the pet's Read More

Common Disease of Senior Dogs

Common disease of senior dogs Age alone is not a disease but as with people, age brings on health problems for a dog. Here are some of the most common problems Read More

Signs That Your Cat is Experiencing Pain

Do you know when your cat is in pain? Read More

Senility In Dogs

Many older dogs will develop a cognitive disorder similar to Alzheimer's disorder. This condition affects the behavior and understanding of dogs, most of whom are over the age of 11. Read More

Pet Dementia

Dogs and cats are living longer and happier lives. Unfortunately, old age provides new health challenges, such as pet dementia. In some cases, pet dementia can be treated. Dr. Lorraine Read More

Common Diseases for Dogs

Many common diseases and conditions in dogs can be age specific. The good news is that most can be prevented or treated successfully, with help of a preventative veterinary care. Read More

5 Considerations for End-Of-Life By Natural Death For Our Pet

5 Considerations for End-of-life by Natural Death  When your pet is faced with a grim prognosis from cancer or other debilitating disease, what do you want their end of life to Read More

Meaningful Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

Memorializing a deceased pet are an immeasurably valuable way to help as you journey through the grief of pet loss. Although there is no set path to take and everyone’s Read More

Caring For Paralyzed Pets

Paralzyed pets can live enjoyable lives with proper care. Learn how to improve the quality of a para;lyzed pet's life. Read More

Why Is In-Home Euthanasia Recommended Over Taking My Pet to the Hospital for This Procedure?

The decision to euthanize a beloved pet is a traumatic one. Not long ago, the only choice for most pet owners was to bring their pet to the veterinarian’s office Read More

Are There Preparations or Set-Up Requirements Needed Before an In-Home Euthanasia?

When you have welcomed a pet into your heart and home it is hard to let them go. Most of the time, we hope that our pets will pass away Read More

How to Talk to Your Child Through Losing a Pet

How to Talk to Your Child Through Losing a Pet We love our pets. The thought of them leaving us someday is sad. Unfortunately, there comes a time when we can Read More

Keeping People Sane During the COVID Lockdown

The Important Role Family Pets Play in Keeping People Sane During the COVID Lockdown When COVID-19 hit the world early in 2020 it changed nearly everyone's life. At Dr 4 Pets, Read More

The effects on a child dealing with losing a pet

The Effects on a Child Dealing With Losing a Pet Dr 4 Pets offers in-home pet euthanasia and hospice services in Thousand Oaks, Porter Ranch, and Canoga Park, CA. Dr. Lorraine Read More

Pet Life

Celebrating Your Pet's Life If you are a cat or dog owner, and your pet passes or is about to pass away, there are different ways to celebrate the life that Read More

Viewing 1 - 17 out of 38 posts