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Pet Euthanasia: Will Euthanasia 'Hurt'?

Will Pet Euthanasia Hurt?

Dr. Lorraine Watson understands how difficult it can be when a loved one is suffering. That's why we help residents of Canoga Park, Thousand Oaks, Porter Ranch, CA, and nearby areas handle those tough end-of-life decisions. Here's what you need to know about our humane euthanasia process.

Understanding Pet Euthanasia in CA

Before euthanasia, pets are examined for quality of life issues before any permanent final steps are taken. We also counsel you on associated costs.

We use three steps to ensure there is no pain involved during the pet euthanasia process. You can rest assured that this process is only used as a last resort to end your beloved animal's suffering. Dr. Lorraine Watson handles your pet respectfully throughout the entire procedure.

  • Sedation: We place your pet into a calm and relaxed state for the benefit of everyone involved. Your animal’s final moments will be peaceful, and our professional staff use soothing tones and touches to ensure this.
  • Catheter Insertion: Once sedated, an IV catheter is inserted into your pet’s vein. By this point, your animal should feel no pain or discomfort. It's important for the process to occur as humanely as possible, so we wait until there's no resistance to the IV catheter.
  • Pet Euthanasia Injection: A needle is then inserted into the catheter that intravenously injects a dose of euthanasia medicine. This type of medicine will quickly move through the bloodstream, causing the animal to lose consciousness, fall asleep, and die. It's the most pain-free method of letting go of a loved pet.

At Dr. 4 Pets, we treat all our patients with respect, including when paying final respects. Please check our list of pet funeral services.

Pet Euthanasia in Canoga Park, Porter Ranch, and Thousand Oaks

If you're looking for euthanasia services, Dr. 4 Pets can take care of it. We make house calls all over Canoga Park, Porter Ranch, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding areas. Contact Dr. Lorraine Watson at 805-494-3339 for more information about this type of service or a free phone consultation.

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