Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at DR 4 PETS, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed. We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Click here to submit your pet memorial online.

trixie mabry

"miss you Tris XO" Melissa Mabry


Lucy - You shared our life for 12 years. You were sweet, goofy,
enthusiastic and always a good girl. You loved life and food. The beach
was your Disneyland. You were always up for a walk. You took good care
of us and we will love you forever." Paul and Elizabeth Greengross

Sam Kuah

"Our beloved Sam, thank you for 15 wonderful years of companionship and unconditional love, you truly were the best dog ever and you will be missed forever. When we are missing you most, we will remember the day that you were so stressed about having to wear a muzzle on a public tram to go to Devil's Postpile in Mammoth,that you stood on your hind legs on the bus and walked to the back to our seats so you could use your front paws to rip off the muzzle! The funniest thing anyone had ever seen, a treasured, precious memory. To my shadow, that will never really leave me, I will love you forever." Lynn Kuha

In loving memory of Angel Bill and Lu Huntington

Lady Harrigan

"Lady was born on Mother's Day, May 11, 2003. We picked her up on the following Father's Day, June 15 at just a few weeks old. Her mom had been rescued and they didn't know she was pregnant until they got her home and to the vet. Everyone wanted to name her what I considered boy names, so I squashed that by calling her my Lady. She was truly my kind of dog. She was mischievous, rowdy, dirty, and boy- crazy. To know her was to love her. She was so in tune with not only our emotions but also her own. I always knew how she was feeling and vice versa. She was always an excellent communicator. She loved chasing squirrels and ducks,going swimming, going on walks, meeting people, laying upside down on the couch, killing squeak toys, and giving lots of kisses. I grew to be an adult with Lady by my side. We played and cuddled, swam and raced,shared special treats and made lots of friends together. She saw me through the end of friendships, breakups with boyfriends, the loss of other pets, and the loss of my brother. Whenever I needed her the most, I would bury my head in her chest and she would lovingly kiss my forehead, taking such good care of me, as always. She was truly my bestfriend and soul mate. I've never been able to imagine my life without her since the moment I held her in my arms. I will always love my baby. After giving us nearly 16 purely joyful years, she left this world peacefully at home with her loving family by her side as we looked each other in the eyes saying goodbye for the last time. Rest peacefully, my love. I'll miss you forever. 💜" Erin Harrigan

Van Gogh

"Van Gogh was the sweetest cat a family ever could ask for. He came to us from a park and filled our lives with joy! He will be missed and always loved." Dale Appelbaum


"Rest in Peace Gentle Giant Buster. You will always be the KING. Thank
you for protecting and loving us for the last 12 years. You will be
missed terribly!" 

Spaeth family


"Good bye Ginger. When you came into our life, we didn't know you would become a permanent part of our family. We're happy you stayed. Thank you for bringing happiness to our life. We miss you mama!" - Mark Lara

Sam Sagi

"You will always be in our hearts." 

Eve Sagi


"Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beloved family dog who has beenour constant friend for 13 years. We called Dr.Watson, a referral from our veterinarian, to come to our home so we could spare Duke any trauma from spending his last moments afraid at the vets office. Duke drifted off to sleep in his favorite place at home while we stroked his head. Dr. Watson is professional and yet so loving and compassionate. Thank you Dr. Watson for coming to our home and providing such a peaceful goodbye for us and for Duke. I wouldn't do it any other way." 

Rhonda Bierschenk


"Our beloved Bijou. She gave us such joy for 13 years. Thank you, Mama

Carrie Shavinski


"Thank you Dr. Watson for your kindness and gentleness when assisting us with Barcley's end of life moment. This was the first time we had in home care with this, and we are glad we did. It was stress free for Barcley, and much more meaningful for us. It allowed us to be with him in his home environment, and we were free to grieve in private. Thank you!" Cindy Pelter


"Tinker was character and will be truly missed". Darren Vadnais


"Annie's last day in our yard💗"


"Thank you Dr Watson for your compassion and caring. You made Benny's
passing less stressful for both me and most importantly Benny."


"Quincy Jones. October 15 2008- Aug 11, 2018. Her only fault was that

she could not live forever." 


Ollie brought our family so much joy and happiness... she will forever
live in our hearts.


My family and I were so devastated to lose Chanse. I would say he was a good dog, but even that would be an understatement. He was the sweetest dog ever, with the warmest heart and smile. He loved to howl for the sole purpose of making us smile, and he
would shake our hands and dance with us. He would cross his legs and make us laugh. Everything he did was to make everyone around him happy. I miss him and his big heart so much, but it comforts me knowing that heaven gained another angel.

- Oksana Koulinich

julie & tim

"Oh my little sunshine! He was our heart and our joy. He also split eardrums with his bark and and melted hearts with his big brown eyes. He was a protector and a cuddler and a foodie. Nothing said summer like holding a piece of corn on the cob so he could expertly the remove and consume the niblets. He was a comfort animal long before the label existed. Thank you, my little tiny Thomas (he wasn't tiny), for letting us love you and and for knocking over two year olds so you could be returned to the pound twice giving a chance to find you. Thank you, Dr. Watson for providing what I found to be an invaluable service -at home euthanasia. Your calm, caring demeanor kept me calm, and able to say goodbye to our boy in a place that was most comfortable for him - home."
- Karen Salinas


"We will miss our Katy." 
- Lynn Crowell & Robin Flowers

julie & tim

"Yogi lived an active life with Bella, Cooper & Tucker. He was like a gazelle running across the field and always so gentle with those who needed it. He is missed by everyone who loved him. Having Dr. Watson all of these years to make each of our pet's final moment a peaceful transition is truly a blessing."


We are truly blessed to have had Roscoe in our family and will ALWAYS miss him dearly. He was such an integral part of our lives having come to us as a 3 month old puppy. We had 12 great years with our adventure dog. Roscoe was always game for a hike, road trip, camping, game of ball. You name it, he loved it! A simple, "You're a good boy Roscoe" evoked a tail wag so hard, we had to issue safety warnings. He was also the great protector to our son and slept with him every night until his passing. He will always be remembered fondly for how much he loved his humans. RIP Roscoe/R-Man/Greatest Dog Ever/Daddy's Garage Dog/Child Protector. We will LOVE you ALWAYS!!!!


My Nali-Bear. We'll miss you forever.💔


I have lost my first lieutenant and one my best friends. Never be another like her.

Poncho Hahn

17 years ago your first family left you behind when they moved. I'm so grateful for that because you came and found us. You stayed with us through all of these years and we could never have loved you more. You were such an amazing cat but an even better friend. We will love you forever Poncho and we will never forget you. Thank you for choosing us. You made our life so much better❤️. Dr. Watson, Thank you for doing what you do.


Sweet Zoë. You were a special soul and a wonderful friend for the 18
years we had together. Rest easy, little cat. I'll see you on the other


Rest In Peace Squeaky.. I had you for 15 years since the day you were born ,you're my sweet precious little angel and I'm so sorry we had to let you go but I'm so happy you are not in pain anymore.. I'm so happy I got to hold you in my arms and hug you and kiss you and give you all the love I have as you took your last few breathes.. I love you so much baby.. you will always hold a huge part in my heart that no animal or person could ever replace.


We adopted Mindy, our "silly 'o bear", as an ill senior so we didn't
know how old she was but we were blessed to have for the 14 months that
we did. At her old age she enjoyed short walks, loved to roll around in
the grass and had a very healthy appetite. Missing our girl 😢.


In Loving memory Alex Kelley 10/06-8/18 Sydney Kelley 7/06-01/18 Two

beautiful loving and loyal companions, you were quite the pair and made
each day full of smiles and adventures. You will be missed. Rest In
Peace. Always in our hearts.


Alex and Sydney Kelley 2006-2018. You were loving and loyal companions 

who brought a smile (and lots of exercise) to every day. You will always 
be in our hearts. We miss you both. Rest In Peace.


Kazi (short for kamikaze) was a true blessing in our lives. He made me
and my husband better people for being in our lives. It is still not a
reality that he will not be with us everyday in our home but will be
forever in our love and hearts. He will be missed beyond words. Dr.
Watson was very caring and kind thought Kazi's journey to peace.


Thank you so much to Dr. Watson. She was very gentle and took her time when it was time for us to say goodbye to our wonderful golden, Faith. She passed so peacefully and for that we are very grateful. We will always miss our sweet Faith.

 -Theresa Paden


"In loving memory of Tagg Dechene"


"Our boy Murphy"


"Coal was our beloved German Shepard rescue who gave us 13 wonderful human years of life, companionship, protection and fun. He was an avid lover of birds, squirrels, rabbits and anything he could chase! running and protecting our home were his favorite pastimes. We will always remember him for the fun that he ultimately brought us with his shenanigans outside. Thank you Dr. Watson for providing a peaceful,beautiful transition for our Coal."

-Jeanne Urquiza


"In Lee Lee's final hour an angel knew how to escort her into Heaven with dignity and love. Dr. Watson was there within an hour and she allowed us to cuddle, talk and assure Lee Lee that she was safe with her loving family. Thank you, Dr. Watson, for your compassionate help in our time of need."

-Mike and Marie Furney and Family


"Tommy came to us in 2002 along with his brother, Teddy, as an orangetabby rescue kitty. He was very independent, vocal, cautious, andhardheaded, but had a wise nature. He was typically not a lap cat, norone who liked to be held. He would disappear when people were visitingthe house, so other than my wife and I, we were the only ones to reallyknow him. After his brother was suddenly taken from us 4+ years ago andmoving into older age, Tommy gradually became more loving while startingto purr when being held, petted, or talked to, which he hardly did inhis earlier years. Tommy was not a cat that rubbed on you, but alwaysloved to be petted, scratched, and massaged, and oh did he get those. Hewas a gift that enhanced our lives and we are so pleased we were able toshare our life with him, while hopefully making his comfortable andpleasurable. We miss you Tommy. "

-Bob Murawski

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